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*realize im IN a david lynch movie* *tries to do meditation* *fails*    12/17/17  (3)
I'm lead counsel on the Orinoco Flow matter    12/17/17  (7)
Three angelic Celtic babes in white singing Orinco Flow with full orchestra    12/17/17  (1)
Mo Brooks announces he has "high-risk" prostate cancer    12/17/17  (4)
Lets list things we are grateful about    12/17/17  (19)
Just bought 1 BTC worth of XVG    12/17/17  (62)
impossible to search for enya threads, thanks obama    12/17/17  (6)
anyone remember Orinoco flow forcememeing?    12/17/17  (5)
Hispanics are the 2nd largest group in USA. Thank god it's not niggers/arabs/ind    12/17/17  (4)
ORINOCO FLOW!!!    12/17/17  (4)
Enya - Orinoco Flow.mp3    12/17/17  (4)
Justin Bieber covers Orinoco Flow by Enya    12/16/17  (4)
Glad to see Orinoco Flow forcememing is back    12/16/17  (2)
Retiring the Orinoco flow forcememe    12/16/17  (7)
Went to doctors for a checkup, he said I have "Orinoco Flow"    12/16/17  (16)
bar brother taking Q's on life, law,letters, minnesota, bbws & much more    12/16/17  (37)
Normies love whole numbers    12/16/17  (5)
imagine how weird looking and vile smelling Mindy Kaling's snatch is    12/16/17  (14)
I still cant believe 95%+ of Americans dont do crypto    12/16/17  (22)
**BREAKING** Letter to Congress from Trump Transition team counsel    12/16/17  (6)
I feel like I "know" that bitcoin is going to go up a lot    12/16/17  (2)
Australian girls have tons of sex with kangaroos and you're missing out    12/16/17  (2)
8 Reasons Why You Should Rethink Your Stance on Cheating    12/16/17  (11)
Sidewalks saved my life - the weekend. But changed sidewalks with xoxo    12/16/17  (1)
CNN: The Evolution of the American Family (link)    12/16/17  (5)
6lack - Prblms.mp3    12/16/17  (3)
Buy POTCOIN    12/16/17  (2)
Doctor salaries = last great path to wealth    12/16/17  (110)
How long before libs target crypto privilege    12/16/17  (3)
Holy shit libs entrapped Trump transition with arcane Terms of Service    12/16/17  (1)
Listen, if im listening to we are the champions at 630 am this morning    12/16/17  (1)
amazon 'student' membership ending, any way to extend?    12/16/17  (3)
*please dont send me into emotional tailspin where i poast till 7am again*    12/16/17  (1)
lol @ boomers squandering their $ on "home renovation" projects    12/16/17  (4)
i am white and would prefer to live in a white-only paradise country    12/16/17  (18)
*does 60 seconds of introspection* "whooow man thats trippy    12/16/17  (3)
"just ice water for me" *record scratch*    12/16/17  (4)
Basic real estate question    12/16/17  (1)
Natalie Portman in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHH    12/16/17  (1)
Billy Joe Saunders looks amazing tonight    12/16/17  (1)
CharlesXII, rating poasters as stupid aspects of the Star Wars Expanded Universe    12/16/17  (267)
WHY NOT INFINITY    12/16/17  (1)
Are the Portuguese the most subhuman "Europeans"?    12/16/17  (11)
nightcrew party raging 180 and then doorbell BOOOOOOOOM shows up    12/16/17  (59)
ONGYN that specializes in wellness checks for 14-25 yo's in affluent area. Cr?    12/16/17  (6)
Be honest. Was The Last Jedi at least good mindless entertainment    12/16/17  (1)
honiara pwning judge by replying "yep, i sentence you to a mental hospital"    12/16/17  (49)
Is Tezos going to be YUGE    12/16/17  (46)
has any reviled/mocked poaster gaped his detractors w/IRL success like peterman?    12/16/17  (2)
10:37 p.m.: "Did u make it home ok?" 4:13 a.m.: "Yeah I did."    12/16/17  (36)
U (hodlr) waek up, btc $.0001/btc, Air by Johann Sebastian Bach starts playing    12/16/17  (1)
Has there ever been a really funny and 180 lib poaster on xo?    12/16/17  (5)
ITT cryptopiglets    12/16/17  (3)
bought 20 ETH worth of binance. i like their website.    12/16/17  (9)
Bubba: "Dey's all kinds-a different cucks. Pantycuck, sissycuck, trannycuck, mom    12/16/17  (53)
Did Luke die from old age?    12/16/17  (3)
POLL: do you pronounce the t in pantycuck?    12/16/17  (7)
Onto the SEVENTH day water fasting. SEVEN more days to go!    12/16/17  (15)
I am Mexican and I like white people    12/16/17  (14)
I've eaten Chik-Fil-A every day for the last 2 weeks    12/16/17  (10)
taco belll or panda express tonight ?    12/16/17  (22)
PSA: theres still time for you faggots to get right with Jesus    12/16/17  (16)
Just got breakfasted! any other poasters maek it this year?    12/16/17  (71)
Just confirmed with my wife that niggers are not people.    12/16/17  (3)
XO poster looking left and right as crypto opp's pass them by to "Can Can Music"    12/16/17  (1)
"Please don't hurt me, Mr. Honiara," honiara chirped merrily.    12/16/17  (27)
Peterman's dad jizzed in his butt.    12/16/17  (3)
Girl whispering in lawman8's ear: "I could lick you for hours." "No you couldn't    12/16/17  (1)
I wish lawman8 was my roommate. We would have a fucking blast.    12/16/17  (22)
Going to the barber this afternoon and asking for the "David Lemieux"    12/16/17  (4)
Ideal Wife Material........5-6 Face, 7-10 Body. Or, 7-10 Face, 4-6 Body?    12/16/17  (5)
Ok im garbage tier shitbag pos poaster. Where the fuck do i go.    12/16/17  (3)
honiara's dad fucking him up the ass every night, as he babbles "yep, yep,"    12/16/17  (23)
it's that time of year! (((insurance))) policy renewals!    12/16/17  (4)
Rudolf asking RSF if he's interested in "something a little bit kinky"    12/16/17  (17)
Hans. Boobie. Im your white night.    12/16/17  (8)
Worst tippers: UMC, middle class, lower class, or upper class?    12/16/17  (3)
Who follows the NHL?    12/16/17  (1)
I stand with RSF. Some of you are disgusting. RIP RSFs brother    12/16/17  (41)
great proxy for school quality: GoogIMG or youtube school, count nonwhite kids    12/16/17  (1)
Media gave up on "Rohingya" flame pretty quick. lmao    12/16/17  (15)
goddam wife. i take my kid to a fraternity reunion thing at a colleg buds house    12/16/17  (13)
should i kill myself    12/16/17  (7)
xo has become unhealthy    12/16/17  (1)
POLL: at what age did you peak in terms of looks?    12/16/17  (44)
Dumb retarded Aztec Mexicans should be all sterile from birth    12/16/17  (47)
Do you guys identify with or "inhabit" porn actors when they ban    12/16/17  (16)
Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2    12/16/17  (2)
Huell Howser groped me at the Fallbrook Avocado Festival in 2008    12/16/17  (4)
Huell Howser dug up & punished for sexual harassment on ep of California's Gold    12/16/17  (3)
Lol Peterman is a millionaire at 28 and didn't have much help from parents    12/16/17  (7)
"If yew hear 'optics', and ain't THINKIN about yer SCOPE, yew might be an MBA."    12/16/17  (123)
explaining Evola to your bewildered 4.5 Tinder date over tapas    12/16/17  (3)
How many cryptopigs do we have on this here bort? And cryptopiglets?    12/16/17  (2)
Rate this XO Kevin Pham tweet    12/16/17  (3)
Did anyone else think it was "Travis Smiley" all this time?    12/16/17  (2)
Media pushing perseverance porn hard during Christmas.    12/16/17  (2)
*reaches out hand* "have i made one authentic friend here?, ever?"    12/16/17  (5)
Chris Matthews, Charlie Rose, and Tavis Smiley walk into a bar    12/16/17  (1)
there's a black transman playing in the NCAA womens volleyball tourney on ESPN2    12/16/17  (1)
So libs can't win without loading people into vans and taking them to polls?    12/16/17  (7)
Explaining white extinction to brown great grandson cause Moore hit on 17 y/o    12/16/17  (3)
Star Wars question    12/16/17  (3)
Your 1RM high bar paused ATG back squat    12/16/17  (1)
"i am bald, i am a fucking pigslut" Peterman final scene, I-sixty eight mile    12/16/17  (6)
Crypto rich moron buys a monster truck, it breaks down the first day (link)    12/16/17  (1)
petermans entire net worth is less than the value of my water rights    12/16/17  (3)
Can someone please catch me up on the "stable of alts" meme?    12/16/17  (1)
This Crypto shit is just getting started    12/16/17  (1)
Putting off taking a shit so I can sit here farting and sniffing    12/16/17  (2)
devil's food cake and devil's threesomes: the Your Future Wife story    12/16/17  (1)
Portland poasters - is it really a homeless haven? How bad is the problem?    12/16/17  (17)
sorry chandler, it's not a bad dream, it's your life lol    12/16/17  (2)
'Get it in there, u fag,' growled Peterman as his continency was wrecked for lif    12/16/17  (4)
here's the thing about peterman and doobs    12/16/17  (165)
Sim glitch: Chris Jericho fronts a 180 rock band    12/16/17  (4)
*bursts out loling in family court as judge awards chandler's wife $75K/yr*    12/16/17  (5)
Terry Gross saying "notorious RBG"    12/16/17  (6)
chandler does whole foods let you bring your panda express into the dining area    12/16/17  (1)
REMINDER: Trumptards have NO prestige.    12/16/17  (2)
peterman has irl daddy issues    12/16/17  (8)
"This is my asshole. It brings men pleasure." Peterman said in a monotone.    12/16/17  (34)
"It's beginning to look a lot like syphilis." (peterman)    12/16/17  (18)
Cum flowing out of petermans ass like Iguazu Falls    12/16/17  (2)
*peterman's boomer stepdad replacing pic of peterman w pic of his 2002 mustang*    12/16/17  (3)
peterman's stepdad beating the shit out of his mom, wiping his ass w/ baby pic    12/16/17  (5)
Japanese title of Peterman biopic: "Truck Stop Face Pleasure!"    12/16/17  (18)
either porn has lied to.me or japanese womens prisons are grossly unsupervised    12/16/17  (3)
Shortquotemo    12/16/17  (5)
The main reasons I want trump to win: 1. Immigration; 2. Shitlibs will melt down    12/16/17  (17)
Reminder -- shit libs not only want, but they NEEED trump to win.    12/16/17  (10)
can you correctly spell "diarrhea" without spellcheck? i can't    12/16/17  (3)
Made a fucking killing on XVG today. One of my best days ever. Anyone else buy?    12/16/17  (3)
xo VERGE up almost 200%    12/16/17  (10)
if you bought 10k worth of XVG around 3 pm today you'd have 30k right now    12/16/17  (3)
Can I be a Trumpmo if my true motivation is wanting Hillary to win?    12/16/17  (11)
Serious thread: what is the next google/bitcoin/microsoft etc?    12/16/17  (10)
last day here. retiring. (truth)    12/16/17  (7)
Possible for Trump to win without Ohio?    12/16/17  (21)
Motivational speech from Ryan Gosling    12/16/17  (1)
Best rock band of all time: Foo Fighters or Pearl Jam?    12/16/17  (1)
Main reason I want trump to win is to see liberals flip out on election night    12/16/17  (6)
Cant wait for TRUMP to win just to see the IRATE "DC insiders"    12/16/17  (10)
Did Obamas Presidency cause Trump to win this election?    12/16/17  (42)
You little old grandma sending you 0.0001 BTC for Xmas.    12/16/17  (1)
Apparently Law School Enrollment is up because of renewed interest    12/16/17  (16)
[MAGA] This is National Socialism    12/16/17  (1)
Crypto crash ------> shitlennials fucked beyond repair LOL    12/16/17  (3)
Crypto falls right in with the generational demand for instant gratification    12/16/17  (1)
Crazy pills for president    12/16/17  (3)

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