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STICKY: New account requests   03/18/18  (154)
45 yr old xo poster runs off with 16 year old asian girl    03/17/18  (35)
THIS is the year a 16 beats a 1    03/17/18  (89)
What programming language for BIGspace force    03/17/18  (5)
I bought 2 ETH at $815 each. sold today at $590 each. Cannot take it anymore.    03/17/18  (19)
Uncle Thoni: Lance "Rafa" Nadal Is Favorite For YE#1 #tennis    03/17/18  (1)
Do you regret renting, not buying, academic regalia for your graduation?    03/17/18  (58)
LMAO at Ben Affleck and his Napoleon Dynamite-esque tattoos    03/17/18  (9)
What is arkan's nefarious plan once he finds us out? What happened on ejmr    03/17/18  (18)
Did RSF really buy ETH at 1400?    03/17/18  (50)
Archaic hominids like aborigines are pretty fascinating    03/17/18  (19)
IW Day 11 Dr Federer UPDATE #tennis    03/17/18  (7)
POLL: Will cryptocurrency EVER recover?    03/17/18  (11)
LMAO when he was calledout peterman was like "nuh uh i made BeanieBaby $$ at 14!    03/17/18  (1)
He wants you too, MPA... HE WANTS YOU TOO    03/17/18  (3)
Bye bye Ms American Pie / Drove my Chevy to the levee libs ur all gonna die    03/17/18  (153)
ETH AT $500    03/17/18  (1)
is "ARE Reptile" the most dislikeable piece of shit on xo after DBG?    03/17/18  (12)
So clean white glory of truth is just more shitty MPA flame?    03/17/18  (26)
Let the leaks begin. (Sources) indicate McCabe maintained personal memos re: Tru    03/17/18  (11)
Means-tested capital gains taxes on Roth IRA withdrawals    03/17/18  (39)
tttOSU getting CUCKED in Rd of 32; RSF getting CUCKED by T32 LS's    03/17/18  (4)
This song transports me back to 1996-1997    03/17/18  (1)
Don McLean, 74, dating a 24 yo. Me: Poast    03/17/18  (7)
most mentally ill poasters on ZOZL: DTP/DVP, NYUUG, & me. What's the common simi    03/17/18  (11)
what % of guys can do 3 pull ups    03/17/18  (31)
How many selfbumps should you do on a thread before acknowledging it just sucks?    03/17/18  (175)
Boomer crashing plane in2 ur kids schoolbus as "Taking Care of Business" plays    03/17/18  (75)
Eagle Scout goes head to head vs. US Marine survival skills competition (video)    03/17/18  (1)
LOL at these midwest public U's full of fraud Ching-chongs driving Maseratis    03/17/18  (2)
Should I quit my job, hie to Maine, cop this house, and write blog about the 90s    03/17/18  (5)
why are there so many coffee houses everywhere    03/17/18  (3)
wife got me a cool "ironic" bullseye tshirt, wants me to stand near window (spac    03/17/18  (5)
Can't retire, need to fund DaTrayvons hip-hop career    03/17/18  (2)
how do old boomers only have <$200k in retirement? 32 years old, have that much    03/17/18  (8)
Kinda weird how much contempt US Gov has for tax payers    03/17/18  (1)
David d. Friedman >>>>> the leftist commie nonsense that gets spewed here    03/17/18  (1)
anyone here not know what a "half rack" is?    03/17/18  (13)
People upstairs are playing the steel drum at 10:30pm, not flame    03/17/18  (1)
Is retirement worth it for most people?    03/17/18  (15)
I work hard. Put shitcoin on table. And what they do? They sellcuck.    03/17/18  (5)
Inside Lydia's Ass (VHS)    03/17/18  (2)
miscegenation = bestiality    03/17/18  (2)
Why were Americans so obsessed with Australia in the late 20th century?    03/17/18  (8)
lmao just watched the "bitconnect carlos" video for the first time    03/17/18  (2)
Real talk: Hawking had some genius theories that turned out wrong & discredited    03/17/18  (8)
Wasnt very nice to fire McCabe right before St. Patricks Day    03/17/18  (1)
Reminder: spaceporn2525 graduated w sub 2.7 avg at LS that curves to B+    03/17/18  (31)
reminder to Irish micks: British Empire in prime was greatest civilization ever    03/17/18  (17)
10 Things I Hate About NYUUG (The Seoul Times)    03/17/18  (10)
*****TINYCHAT IS LIVE***** www.tinychat.com/xoapes    03/17/18  (66)
is there any place in America that doesn't suck where you can buy house < $300k?    03/17/18  (103)
video of joe biden deadlifting 710    03/17/18  (4)
Can u faggots stop saying nigger so much    03/17/18  (12)
Just farted cum! (spaceporn2525's son)    03/17/18  (115)
Diesel: I've been doing hang cleans the past few weeks    03/17/18  (15)
u suck my cock, boy    03/17/18  (1)
Just sold all my faggot coins. Can't take it anymore.    03/17/18  (1)
Lazy summer day, Sandusky OH, ferry over to Put-In-Bay, fall in love on the ride    03/17/18  (2)
just told wife im not moving the goddamn piano    03/17/18  (23)
the people highest up are driven by loneliness and shame    03/17/18  (2)
Suing the FUCK out of a pit bull owning chick.    03/17/18  (45)
Plz kill ur self if ur not buying these bottoms    03/17/18  (5)
Most demoralizing phrase: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life!"    03/17/18  (1)
This must be the place    03/17/18  (1)
Sometimes I imagine it's 1923 and I'm summering in Lake Forest, IL    03/17/18  (1)
Spaceporn=Mozart ; everyone else=Salieri    03/17/18  (3)
most of you might as well have the Binance chart in Vietnamese (DTP)    03/17/18  (1)
Slowly revealing to a girl how mentally ill you are - any tips? (DTP)    03/17/18  (20)
Biz idea: hire blonde six to carry out massive investor fraud for you    03/17/18  (2)
Did people prove Amy Wax wrong about black law students at Penn?    03/17/18  (17)
Bowie's "Up the Hill Backward" playing as Peterman drives to the dr to get HIV r    03/17/18  (15)
You should be able to run 5 miles and do 50 push ups    03/17/18  (1)
Only 30% of men in history have successfully reproduced versus 3% of poasters    03/17/18  (2)
Dick Van Dyke is still alive at 92 and looks better than almost all of you    03/17/18  (10)
Some of Thorstein Veblen's writings    03/17/18  (2)
180 if Trump fires Muller based on Drudge poll results    03/17/18  (2)
Basketball is the only sport where 50% of the game is devoted to rule violations    03/17/18  (11)
have never seen a musical and find concept laughable, prole?    03/17/18  (1)
if Grotius had included "don't feed the animals" as a rule of intn'l law we wou    03/17/18  (2)
luis's oceanfront mansion collapsing into bitcoins like an inception scene    03/17/18  (24)
*reloads coinmarketcap* "u know what honey i prefer shag carpet & popcorn ceili    03/17/18  (7)
***RATING POASTERS ITT***    03/17/18  (2)
1982 video of Stephen Hawking snorting cocaine with help from his at home nurse    03/17/18  (2)
rui hachimura is a weird looking dude    03/17/18  (2)
i had a sixer of this shitty guinness "ipa" and it was crap    03/17/18  (1)
Andrew McCarthy gapes Mueller in lengthy screed    03/17/18  (7)
"No, Dr Van Helsing, that's not what an Outback Steakhouse is"    03/17/18  (1)
PSA in the 90s, there was often a 90 min wait at Outback Strakhouse    03/17/18  (19)
Kansas largest & buckwildest ape on bench with 4 fouls, 8 min left, 8 point game    03/17/18  (13)
6yo clean white sighs, changes linkedin from "trainee priest" to "human cum rag"    03/17/18  (8)
6yo arkan staggering dick drunk from confessional    03/17/18  (12)
LINK to clean white glory tp begging for help on EJMR board    03/17/18  (6)
Rating Poasters as movies you didnt realize had sequels    03/17/18  (1)
Liberals destroy everything that is good. How can any intelligent person be 1?    03/17/18  (1)
boomer enclaves in florida like "the villages" that are 247 summer camp 4 olds    03/17/18  (9)
Just do train all of China's scientists and engineers, have Chinese loyalists    03/17/18  (6)
clean white glory of truth is so odd, maybe he IS actually arkan    03/17/18  (54)
BAM: Youre hired by your rival college team as its AD. How do u ruin it?    03/17/18  (13)
DTP, you just need to find the right girl imo    03/17/18  (2)
ITT describe the peak of your self-disgust    03/17/18  (27)
Pretty LOL to imagine Jim Boeheim or whoever going to some ghetto to recruit    03/17/18  (2)
Hebrews, Bantus and nuclear proliferation.    03/17/18  (15)
REAL TALK: love isnt real    03/17/18  (6)
Joseph McCarthy gapes Mueller in lengthy screed    03/17/18  (1)
america is a shithole    03/17/18  (3)
What's the bigger worry - Islam or China?    03/17/18  (20)
Has anyone been to a GOLDEN KNIGHTS game in Las Vegas? What's it like?    03/17/18  (3)
I only STRENGTH TRAIN in the NUDE despite being GAY    03/17/18  (1)
We still have places like this left in America    03/17/18  (8)
Please rate this tweet by the New York Times. Please.    03/17/18  (9)
almond oil is highly luxurious (massage_man)    03/17/18  (1)
ARE reptile is 37. went to Tulane law. 163 LSAT. Compliance for 10 years. LMFAO.    03/17/18  (31)
niggers are shit. should be run over with pickups    03/17/18  (1)
DARK | BROWN | BREAD    03/17/18  (2)
Tales from the Strip: Houstons Richmond Ave    03/17/18  (3)
we can fuck hot teen girls well into our 60s using apps or whatever?    03/17/18  (1)
China leads it's industries around. Are industries lead America around.    03/17/18  (1)
Everyday I vacillate btwn anger, and disgust    03/17/18  (4)
Daily Mail: Hilarious, bizarre stories about Prince Charles's odd behavior    03/17/18  (4)
FUCK, just killed 2 grey aliens in my condo (Johnsmeyer)    03/17/18  (51)
If ur not carrying a notebook 24/7 to jot down thread ideas, ur just playing    03/17/18  (26)
Rach please bring back on-topic only option    03/17/18  (6)
NGR holding strong    03/17/18  (3)
xo is in its Season 29 of the Simpsons days    03/17/18  (4)
NCAA announces it will use "lift every voice and sing" instead of "one shining m    03/17/18  (1)
ever just start thinking about colt    03/17/18  (1)
Turn on LOYOLA CHI - TENNESSEE NOW    03/17/18  (14)
mpa did you beat alien isolation on nightmare    03/17/18  (1)
Can you imagine having a 100K remote job while working in like rural MN    03/17/18  (14)
Good upset alert game on right now bros    03/17/18  (8)
I've seen a lot of truckers - and I sucked em all! Cause I'm petey boi    03/17/18  (3)
Rate this guy's (legit STEM genius) philanthropy    03/17/18  (4)
Quaker Steak and Lube    03/17/18  (4)
How old were you the first time you were accused of RAPE?    03/17/18  (8)
lick and suck my cum-filled balls    03/17/18  (11)
'look, mom! I queered it!'    03/17/18  (1)
TSINAH and earl teaming up to curate lamest music festival in history    03/17/18  (12)
faggot    03/17/18  (14)
Lmao at Ohtani and Angels fans    03/17/18  (10)
TIME TO START DRINKING    03/17/18  (16)
think im going to throw away all my shit    03/17/18  (1)
describe the first time you ever visited TGI Friday    03/17/18  (9)
'their legal strategies were...cutting edge, like nothing we'd seen before.'    03/17/18  (6)
Is a godless techno-utopia the only plausible human future?    03/17/18  (9)
brothers, spring training is a peak experience    03/17/18  (7)
Could wmtp suck me off to completion twice in 7 minutes?    03/17/18  (6)
So if we would have decided to strive for PE instead of law, wed be much richer    03/17/18  (1)
*farts on shared bench*    03/17/18  (3)
Lurkers on XO have fav poa like spectators at a MLB game.    03/17/18  (2)

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