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Disappointed to watch video of John Von Neumann. Was hoping for mad scientist ty    12/18/17  (5)
Your bird brained wife panic cleaning before housekeeper arrives    12/18/17  (15)
Pepito, pls share thoughts on crypto    12/18/17  (3)
Do you guys really let politics damper your enjoyment of a movie    12/18/17  (102)
Dating Life in BIGLAW    12/18/17  (67)
which one of these eye dentists would you go for    12/18/17  (12)
xo Bret Weinstein spitting SCHOLARSHIP re: motives of campus leftwing radicals    12/18/17  (6)
Mark Hamill "I fundamentally disagree with every choice you've made for Luke    12/18/17  (5)
Met a Chinese washroom attendant named Shi Ting    12/18/17  (14)
LSUs Lazy River and the Student-Fee Sham    12/18/17  (3)
poast ITT if youd like to participate in a xoxo boston orgy (jcm)    12/18/17  (28)
so deep state did insanely illegal shit 2015-16 expecting Crooked to win?    12/18/17  (14)
There must be some kind of way out of here, said pepito to luis    12/18/17  (36)
Filled out secretary's annual review. One sentence long: needs implants    12/18/17  (6)
Chinese Learn Art of Hooking Americans on Amazon    12/18/17  (4)
This young girl really shouldnt be wearing this shirt (real pic, not flame    12/18/17  (3)
When crypto collapses, the world economy will collapse and become like Mad Max    12/18/17  (2)
*REAL KIKES OF GENUIS* jingle plays: This Jew sued the airlines after 9/11...    12/18/17  (4)
im an objective 9    12/18/17  (1)
Brad Pitt mysteriously not fighting hard for custody of twenty black kids (link)    12/18/17  (33)
"Yeah I stlongry suppolt a white nationarism...so sick of thild worrd palasites"    12/18/17  (2)
So it's normal to hate urself for having a primal attraction to Asian women    12/18/17  (17)
The Greatest Depression (2018-2025) was triggered by the collapse of the crypto    12/18/17  (6)
WHEN do we cash out of crypto?    12/18/17  (18)
DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen takes up Trump's immigration battle    12/18/17  (1)
FSU hired Oregon's coach?    12/18/17  (57)
eye no rike ah ribs    12/18/17  (3)
i am 26yo and i am still living with parents    12/18/17  (49)
Buy more ETH, BTC or LTC now or wait for a dip?    12/18/17  (5)
fook ribs!    12/18/17  (1)
Libs are gonna pop a fucking gasket when Roy Moore wins easily    12/18/17  (12)
If you've spent $1 on the "marvel cinematic universe" then you should be killed    12/18/17  (76)
XO Year-end Booklist - Which Books Did You Enjoy 2017 & Why?    12/18/17  (11)
So is XO Roy Moore actually going to win?    12/18/17  (11)
At current pace btc mkt cap will be > all of the worlds stocks by 2019    12/18/17  (1)
Tushy.com hires Alex Kozinski as General Counsel (WSJ)    12/18/17  (4)
XO crypto bros opening up the latina dance floor as reggaeton blasts    12/18/17  (1)
"I have the most 180 moniker idea" 'better than "Assfaggot"?' "Well, no..&q    12/18/17  (8)
white nationalists did to the internet what communists did to the media    12/18/17  (4)
so Roy Moore is a lock now, i guess    12/18/17  (10)
The Roy Moore Win Will Be a Peak Experience    12/18/17  (22)
If Litecoin market cap hits .3 trillion, 1 ltc = $3500    12/18/17  (1)
REMINDER: Franken has not resigned    12/18/17  (40)
GBTC is available on fidelity and allows crypto investment w/ less risk of scam    12/18/17  (7)
Guidance Counselor writes epic screed on "radicalized" alt-right students (Salon    12/18/17  (21)
*wife confronts you with iPad* "So you shot a rope of semen onto Peterman?"    12/18/17  (1)
/*\ Kozinski Announces Retirement Effective Immediately /*\    12/18/17  (34)
how do i get better at poasting    12/18/17  (16)
lol bro on FB i can tell blazes up a lot just had a car accident    12/18/17  (2)
Who wants to explain the #metoo movement to the alien visitors?    12/18/17  (2)
So girls are just going out to bars basically topless now? (pic)    12/18/17  (25)
what's john mccain's dead/alive status?    12/18/17  (3)
want to buy another $100 in crypto. Tell me what to buy and when    12/18/17  (1)
New Eminem Lyrics: Guess who's back? Back again. Patriarchy's back. Tell MSM    12/18/17  (50)
Is cashing out of crypto hard?    12/18/17  (21)
Friendly reminder: If you can't do 50 push ups, you are in no way a man    12/18/17  (5)
Aliens making contact Earth and ready to destroy it until they find XO    12/18/17  (1)
funniest line from The Rainmaker: "I sill love the law. And I always will."    12/18/17  (2)
was askav that guy who did alt right versions of disney songs    12/18/17  (8)
Senior Paralegal gonna kick me ass because of how we handled edits    12/18/17  (8)
"I love my Addy O's!" The XO poaster screamed, blue & orange milk foaming @mouth    12/18/17  (23)
Concerted gradual UFO disclosure effort is underway    12/18/17  (37)
if you don't think frank lloyd wrong or biglaw lives matter should win mpm ur in    12/18/17  (52)
Anyone else bang high end escorts on the regular?    12/18/17  (142)
2016 Median Household Income: $59,039    12/18/17  (1)
Star Wars' message: Rebel against authority, except when authority is a lady    12/18/17  (1)
One of the stable of alts finally revealed!    12/18/17  (100)
Imagine if Brooklyn law school was run by a nazi biker gang    12/18/17  (2)
More UFOs appearing off American west coast tonight    12/18/17  (13)
"Race realism?" asks ur childhood toy, "Gosh Joey, that doesn't sound very nice"    12/18/17  (28)
Comey offering Zarathustra immunity in poo poo affair    12/18/17  (15)
*shovels poppy seeds into mouth my fistful to achieve opiate like effects*    12/18/17  (2)
Commission: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be New Norm    12/18/17  (11)
prole tell: giving or receiving a carton of cigarettes for Christmas    12/18/17  (5)
18-30 year olds living with their parents: U.S.: 32% EU: 48%    12/18/17  (8)
180 action shot of RSF's dad in the NY Post    12/18/17  (34)
think abt how sad ur childhood teddy would be if he knew u had suicidal thoughts    12/18/17  (22)
*MPA dusting off childhood Teddy Bear* *Feels nothing but a FORCEMEME coming on*    12/18/17  (1)
Boomer parents: "What's ur plan for the future?" Millennial: "put it up my butt.    12/18/17  (2)
Where do I send app for 9th cir vacancy?    12/18/17  (2)
Reminder: Bitcoin is predicted to hit 40,000 before peak bubble.    12/18/17  (1)
Do finance bros in NYC have residency in other states to avoid tax?    12/18/17  (1)
when you guys have sex dreams is it you boning a chick or is it more like    12/18/17  (28)
Gay Weirdo    12/18/17  (3)
Austria's new head of state was born in 1986    12/18/17  (2)
'halford cinematic universe'    12/18/17  (37)
*looking into mirror, delivers prepared line for MPM* *sighs*    12/18/17  (6)
Wage cucks wage cucks, what u gonna do what u gonna do when we live tuna u    12/18/17  (3)
You know, American Women just aren't internationally desired as a group    12/18/17  (1)
BOBBY DIGITAL here. I've planned your deluxe tour of Charleston, SC    12/18/17  (85)
saoirse ronan boiling le tigre a potato    12/18/17  (3)
80% of car accidents are ashamed hemmerhoid sufferers killing themselves    12/18/17  (1)
High school bro died out of nowhere. Of course, found out via Facebook.    12/18/17  (25)
2017 XO YEAR IN REVIEW - BEST THREADS    12/18/17  (99)
Roy Moore drunk at Tuscaloosa karaoke bar singing Father Figure by George Michae    12/18/17  (5)
why are all these shitty superhero movies cluttering my theaters?    12/18/17  (2)
Hearts of Iron V to include Holocaust event tree. Libs predictably MAF.    12/18/17  (1)
TZero ICO: Is this the new big thing?    12/18/17  (6)
Infinity war will be biggest blockbuster in the history of Hollywood    12/18/17  (2)
How MAF was RSF Sr. when xo SULLY landed that plane in the Hudson?    12/18/17  (41)
bros in mental hospitals know when they bring a new guy in & he's coming in hot,    12/18/17  (1)
At what point in the 21st Century does the EU collapse?    12/18/17  (1)
Wholly shit - did you see that Guardians of th Galaxy crew are in new Avengers??    12/18/17  (2)
WSJ pens lengthy screen re rootless cosmopolitans    12/18/17  (118)
*engages in mentally ill behavior*    12/18/17  (18)
I'm looking forward to a MAGIC MUSHROOM trip in the new year    12/18/17  (1)
HoldUp and I naming our first child 'Adolf Luis Faggot'    12/18/17  (13)
old female paralegals are like old female dogs--they have their ways, and dont    12/18/17  (1)
"Mom, for Christmas I'm bringing home my friend from Tufts."    12/18/17  (1)
the Nyte Byfyre Chfstmyf at exx-ohh inne    12/18/17  (32)
hi, im brian may and im an astrophysicist in my spare time    12/18/17  (7)
jim cramer: investors have my blessing to get a taste of smuckers (link)    12/18/17  (8)
GOP tax bill added a last second provision that could enrich Trump and Republica    12/18/17  (3)
Libs jump on Taylor Swift for saying 2017 was a great year    12/18/17  (26)
Young lawman8 asking Santa that next spree killer be Muslim    12/18/17  (63)
The crypto suicides on this forum are going to be fucking insane    12/18/17  (1)
Vanity Fair: Last Jedi offers the harsh condemnation of mansplaining we needed    12/18/17  (32)
Wet pepe shirt contest    12/18/17  (2)
Trump lawyer: Mueller improperly obtained transition documents in Russia probe    12/18/17  (108)
Cryptocurrency is financial populism and it's not going away    12/18/17  (36)
how the fuck did people first figure out that you could make BTC from lightning    12/18/17  (3)
real talk: what is the point of prostitutes if it's condom sex?    12/18/17  (19)
God damnit America is done. Transguy was kneeling at urinal of mantit juice bar    12/18/17  (5)
basically every cave in cromagnon times was a "rape cave"    12/18/17  (2)
*sodomizes luis with a yankee candle*    12/18/17  (1)
Why do women like "coziness" and candles? Ancestor memories of cave rape?    12/18/17  (3)
"So after i got out da mental hospital, i thought i'd call, see if i got a case.    12/18/17  (2)
On the train to work just realized I forgot to rinse shampoo out of hair    12/18/17  (1)
biz idea: yankee candle that smells like shame & regret    12/18/17  (1)
Obama ran drugs to help his muslim brothers out. (NYT)    12/18/17  (19)
College-Aged Men Take Moaning and Eye Contact For Consent, Research Reports (lin    12/18/17  (102)
just ate a 7-11 sausage egg and cheese-stuffed maple waffle, libs MAF    12/18/17  (2)
so apparently my schtick is being a universally forgettable poaster    12/18/17  (6)
Boomers literally tell me "no worries - easily have kids in late30s/early40s    12/18/17  (4)
Game show host POTUS thinks he's getting a letter from Mueller exonerating him    12/18/17  (1)
"DeVos is horrible for children!" she shouted over the abortion vacuum    12/18/17  (110)
The fact that this thread doesnt have 100 bumps is criminal (link)    12/18/17  (9)
Tell a ufo bro, "I dunno man, looks like a drone," and watch him go apeshit    12/18/17  (3)
Biden breaks fourth wall in interview with Matthews    12/18/17  (5)
PSA: KPop stars are tremendously underpaid, treated like chattle    12/18/17  (1)
Politics aside, this was a pretty nice moment between Biden and Meghan McCain    12/18/17  (42)
nazi biker gang law firm    12/18/17  (3)
Nyuug, you have to complete military service at some point right?    12/18/17  (23)
Acting FBI Director McCabe under investigation for violating the Hatch Act    12/18/17  (5)
now that koz is retiring do you think he'll outhimself as To Be Fair tp?    12/18/17  (1)
Saoirse Ronan is 40-50 times better looking than Gal Gadot.    12/18/17  (4)

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