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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
If you made 175K and worked 10am-4pm, WFH Friday w/ little work, stay forever?    03/17/18  (34)
oy gevalt moishe! if a 16 seed doezn't win dis yea da goyims won't keep watchin!    03/17/18  (5)
RATE this Jackson Lewis associate    03/17/18  (54)
right ear producing far more earwax than the left    03/17/18  (1)
anyone feel like people are drawn to you, but ultimately repelled by you in end?    03/17/18  (1)
A turd loses his life after a prank involving his anus and air compressor    03/17/18  (16)
Is turmeric cr or millenial flame?    03/17/18  (17)
Have I maed it in law? Please rate my outcome after going to a T14    03/17/18  (7)
Here's a good example of XO's Golden Age    03/17/18  (7)
FB friend can't figure out why people do NCAA brackets    03/17/18  (8)
Andrew McCabe fired.    03/17/18  (83)
RATE this t-shirt my CGWBT former co-worker is wearing    03/17/18  (1)
This is the first time I recall 3rd/4th lvl bueracrats getting press on firing    03/17/18  (1)
It's pretty obvious that northern Europeans were higher IQ due to cold climate    03/17/18  (33)
180: Pope Francis delivers DEVASTATING screed on abortion    03/17/18  (1)
Who are the xo "stealth Jews"?    03/17/18  (78)
Watching Best of the Best. Taking questions ITT.    03/17/18  (1)
#1 quality in girl is childlike wide-eyed innocence, happiness, enthusiasm (DTP)    03/17/18  (31)
ITT describe the peak of your self-disgust    03/17/18  (9)
Daily Stoic, 3/17/18    03/17/18  (3)
Have diaper, will travel    03/17/18  (1)
"The Shape of Water" is utter crap    03/17/18  (22)
Running list of Kike posters: DBG, RSF, ARE Reptile, who else?    03/17/18  (9)
word of the day: footling    03/17/18  (5)
I *nearly* went to uva for undergrad. Im okay!!!    03/17/18  (3)
"But that was the past" says ur GF as she sheds off the DNA of 80+ men to ur kid    03/17/18  (14)
adding insult to injury, tony bennets emotional support peacock refused boarding    03/17/18  (1)
"OMG! COLLEGE THPORTH!" squealed the oblivious goy as he clapped like a seal    03/17/18  (2)
Just puked orange juice in the shower and ruined it    03/17/18  (1)
NCAA coach rants about MILLENNIALS after team gets bounced from tournament    03/17/18  (27)
ARE reptile is 37. went to Tulane law. 163 LSAT. Compliance for 10 years. LMFAO.    03/17/18  (24)
Wife is a raging alcoholic. Should I divorce?    03/17/18  (11)
howard jones - no one is to blame.mp3    03/17/18  (4)
Picked UMBC in bracket for Chubb's NCAA pool, just got check for $850k (CSLG)    03/17/18  (4)
Still LOLing at that chink cunt Nutella spending $1k on CANDY CRUSH    03/17/18  (9)
i now choose 2 live life as gay man (me 2 partner, HR)    03/17/18  (1)
this breitbard article is devastating re european immigration    03/17/18  (33)
Most of PUBG island is just flyover country    03/17/18  (1)
your puppydood overhead, tongue out, going haha    03/17/18  (3)
no one poasts here anymore    03/17/18  (9)
White supremacists, other than raging online what else you got?    03/17/18  (11)
Tech Giants Set to Face 3% Tax on Revenue Under New EU Plan    03/17/18  (2)
ITT: I give you two 35 year old women. You tell me which one you'd date.    03/17/18  (102)
UVA's Tony Bennett now choosing to live as gay man    03/17/18  (6)
Depressed uva grad and sportsnut here. Convince me not to kill self.    03/17/18  (7)
Today we wake up in a new era. The year is 0 A.U.    03/17/18  (1)
"our protest against Jefferson's racism was just," explained Isaiah Wilkins    03/17/18  (1)
NYT is such an unbelievable joke at this point, just farting vagina noises    03/17/18  (5)
Just remembered that Trump is POTUS and a #16 seed beat a #1    03/17/18  (9)
What We Talk About When We Talk About the Shape of Water    03/17/18  (1)
Top ESPN brackets now belong to two golden retrievers & one labradoodle:    03/17/18  (9)
Tons of layoffs happening at my firm. Anyone else?    03/17/18  (2)
shape of water    03/17/18  (12)
EPAH's wife not doing crack for a 24 hour period. Why?    03/17/18  (5)
New polling PROVES that Trump's immigration XENOPHOBIA means he's DONE HERE    03/17/18  (23)
Video of lawyers being castrated    03/17/18  (1)
Video of lawyers being cremated    03/17/18  (2)
Videos of lawyers jumping off buildings    03/17/18  (6)
Kate Middleton reveals her (((Irish))) masters    03/17/18  (6)
Looking forward to the CSLG/Kenny/chandler RICO indictment    03/17/18  (20)
Honestly it was tacky of UMBC to sub in their mascot for trampoline dunks at the    03/17/18  (4)
is solo practice basically about making 90% of $ on 1 case a year?    03/17/18  (12)
Wife wants me to piss in her, what should I do?    03/17/18  (3)
GET YO ASS ON THE GROUND    03/17/18  (1)
Just slammed my thumb in my door and it fell off. What do I do?    03/17/18  (2)
Pics of bridge where you can legally throw your grandparents off    03/17/18  (1)
HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY, NIGGERS!!    03/17/18  (2)
Sadiq Khan's London: Don't need to commit a crime to be charged w/ a hate crime    03/17/18  (30)
Lol how will uva recruit now    03/17/18  (3)
Some faggot just claimed Tony Bennett "oozes class"    03/17/18  (9)
evan39 should i just "retire" forever    03/17/18  (11)
Nutella makes more than 19/32 remaining ncaa tournament coaches    03/17/18  (2)
hey hope you guys have a great weekend filled with surrogate activities    03/17/18  (10)
Shrew raises $10m for startup that arranges food in Instagram photos (link)    03/17/18  (2)
Video of dog getting cremated JFC worse than I thought    03/17/18  (2)
Does the fact that California has law schools from which you can only practice l    03/17/18  (54)
Why are Russians always poisoning people? Wtf is the matter w/ them?    03/17/18  (26)
Serious Q: Does Hillary occasionally feel happy?    03/17/18  (1)
Suing the FUCK out of a pit bull owning chick.    03/17/18  (42)
Netflix's THE PUSH (BIGLAW SEASON): Senior assocs push juniors off ledge unpromp    03/17/18  (1)
Remember when Sergey Gorkov bailed out compromised POTUSs compromised dotter?    03/17/18  (9)
Got DUI last night. They impounded my car with my dog inside and euthanized him.    03/17/18  (1)
10 million but you can only speak in rhyming couplets    03/17/18  (84)
Itt we poast YouTubes of 180 af buzzer beaters    03/17/18  (56)
China's pres has no term limits    03/17/18  (1)
trump fed court judge nominee    03/17/18  (1)
this blowjob vid is kinda funny for some reason (xhamster)    03/17/18  (1)
Rate her (SFW Pic)    03/17/18  (5)
Study: Sad, Lonely Introverts Are Natural Born Social Psychologists    03/17/18  (26)
what to ask when interviewing an devops engineer?    03/17/18  (5)
Can someone explain this Spaceporn sentence for me?    03/17/18  (50)
PSA: S4E4 of Black Mirror (Hang the DJ) is the GOAT episode > San Junipero    03/17/18  (143)
ETH 583    03/17/18  (1)
Real talk: Hawking had some genius theories that turned out wrong & discredited    03/17/18  (2)
Hawking was totally overrated, trust me, my verbal IQ is tremendous    03/17/18  (2)
Ryan Odom made $160k a year ago, hope he cashes the fuck in    03/17/18  (1)
UVA drops to 15 in new USNWR rankings; UMBC to launch law school    03/17/18  (2)
Is this the most embarassing loss in the history of sports?    03/17/18  (115)
John McCain converting to Marxist 4th- Wave Feminism on his deathbed    03/17/18  (5)
Trump wants to fire Sessions but no one he's interviewed will give assurances re    03/17/18  (1)
The Breeders - Cannonball.mp3    03/17/18  (6)
Hillary's eyes bulging out, drool hangs from chin, mouth agape, "Am Prethident?"    03/17/18  (92)
Hillary: "Am Prethident?" McCain: "Me Prethident too yay!"    03/17/18  (11)
John Brennan (lifelong CIA hack) planning to run for POTUS or something?    03/17/18  (1)
Black Mirror San Junipero, except at the late-night bar from ur college town    03/17/18  (10)
is "ARE Reptile" the most dislikeable piece of shit on xo after DBG?    03/17/18  (11)
I guess all the top physics bros are in mourning this week?    03/17/18  (9)
Reminder: spaceporn2525 graduated w sub 2.7 avg at LS that curves to B+    03/17/18  (12)
Slate: "Religious & sexist title of 'Saint Patrick' a good reason to rename day"    03/17/18  (2)
TMF is really, really unlikable. Like woah. Yikes    03/17/18  (121)
Rate this Euro porn slut - nsfw    03/17/18  (2)
Ryan Holiday is an underappreciated scholar on XO issues    03/17/18  (5)
do sunken ships just stop descending and just chill out suspended in the deep?    03/17/18  (38)
2019: President Hillary and Stephen Hawking race their wheelchairs down hallway    03/17/18  (12)
LMAO Hilldog broke her wrist in India falling down those stairs    03/17/18  (7)
THIS is the year a 16 beats a 1    03/17/18  (87)
Look guys I'm a big deal. I don't fuck chicks w/ less than 10k Instagram followe    03/17/18  (2)
Wow super woke prince Harry not using a prenup. So brave?    03/17/18  (9)
why are all the planets on the same plane? why ice crystal ring around Saturn sa    03/17/18  (30)
FBI's Strzok was friends with Flynn's judge. Judge accepted plea then recused    03/17/18  (84)
Reminder: a half dozen USAO's are investigating Trump/Russia    03/17/18  (1)
My uncle he d to do drugs with The Donald back in the late 70s    03/17/18  (1)
its funny because the paperwork we do is higher status than compliance paperwork    03/17/18  (17)
How many selfbumps should you do on a thread before acknowledging it just sucks?    03/17/18  (156)
Hey man, have a seat. Just finishing up an email. Click clack clack clack clic    03/17/18  (31)
65% of Americans have little or nothing saved for retirement (link)    03/17/18  (40)
UVa basketball team - on day 1 of beard growth    03/17/18  (4)
Wife just stepped on my daughter and broke her spine.    03/17/18  (3)
Depeche Mode - Enjoy Compliance.mp3    03/17/18  (18)
Which poaster wrote this children's book?    03/17/18  (1)
Ugh these mohammadan fuckers!    03/17/18  (1)
Jones Day Atlanta layoff rumors    03/17/18  (2)
Oh how I long, long for Chicago. Yearning in my heart I dare not attempt to name    03/17/18  (1)
Just got the talk at Quinn, exit ops?    03/17/18  (5)
i simply asked, "can i make it bigger"    03/17/18  (3)
What's Doobs' favorite beer?    03/17/18  (111)
Lomachenko is the anti-Mayweather. Now signed to fight Linares at 135    03/17/18  (10)
You think compliance is your ally? You merely adopted compliance. I was born in    03/17/18  (1)
*Sinatra voice* "Comply with me..."    03/17/18  (46)
lol look at these abos!    03/17/18  (1)
real talk: stephen hawking only famous because he was a carnival freak attractio    03/17/18  (6)
Russians should start randomly infecting their enemies with ordinary diseases    03/17/18  (3)
NICS gun bill by "Republicans" signed off by Pocahontas    03/17/18  (1)
you'll be hearing from my solicitor, mate    03/17/18  (2)
black guy started scream-singing roxette's 'she's got the look' at WaWa    03/17/18  (3)
KGB kills CIA informant in TTT Kansas where the Yankee dogs were hiding him    03/17/18  (3)
lol look at these retard parents!    03/17/18  (3)

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