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STICKY: New account requests   03/20/18  (186)
My McDonald's has 2 kiosk, reduced staff members    03/20/18  (35)
Oh, Malk! Do we own Ubel? They kirr da homeress    03/20/18  (1)
poast itt if u would like me to give u a nickname and i will do so    03/20/18  (2)
Ever been cheated out of your money by a chick?    03/20/18  (1)
It's Pritzker    03/20/18  (4)
If a white man married to an asian hits on other asian women...is he yellowfever    03/20/18  (3)
beautiful young woman joking around with her son, father arrives, she's serious    03/20/18  (6)
I would like to bring a cute homeless teen into my house    03/20/18  (1)
Why does that Congresswoman have purple hair?    03/20/18  (1)
Best support garment for IPA tits?    03/20/18  (4)
Would u date this African-American teen from the inner-city SFW    03/20/18  (7)
Lawyer Opens Home to Homeless Teenage Girls, Questions As He's Male (DailyMail)    03/20/18  (1)
DTP taking questions here (3/20/2018)    03/20/18  (78)
Driver behind self-driving Uber was a transgender Mexican convicted armed robber    03/20/18  (14)
homeless teens    03/20/18  (2)
Pritzker LANDSLIDE    03/20/18  (4)
am i faggot for loving the movie Melancholia    03/20/18  (7)
family and friends are life! *family is 3000 miles away* *zero friends* u?    03/20/18  (1)
Jung: "This is the motif of two dads, an archetype to be found in many variants    03/20/18  (3)
you guys are living in a dream world...    03/20/18  (1)
Post pics of actual African American living conditions.    03/20/18  (12)
Q for Trumptards re Hillary    03/20/18  (64)
"haha Black Mirror is fiction." *China using social rankings* *driverless car ki    03/20/18  (1)
Most embarrassing moment: Getting anal stitches in my own hospital (whok)    03/20/18  (5)
That 180 feeling when you see ur pro-Trump poasts in pre-2016 election threads    03/20/18  (1)
Oh Malk! When you kick a 'Art Light' off a facebooks?    03/20/18  (1)
Oh Malk! Why you no a buy street in San Flansico?    03/20/18  (6)
Worse: having a wuss for a son or a whore for a dotter    03/20/18  (72)
jarringly realistic depression simulator    03/20/18  (48)
Most of the crypto we have won't be around in 2 years    03/20/18  (6)
How many selfbumps should you do on a thread before acknowledging it just sucks?    03/20/18  (316)
Oh Malk! Why you ret Camblidge Anarits stear our data no pay. We roose mirrions!    03/20/18  (1)
Want to fuck Oh, You Travel's boihole    03/20/18  (4)
Public Service Announcement: Nigger.    03/20/18  (9)
Nutella why the fuck is your kid so ugly? Really unfortunate looking little hapa    03/20/18  (35)
Essential oils commonly found in deoderent, etc. cause manboobs...    03/20/18  (1)
"Cernovich" instead of Malkovich restaurant scene in Being John Malkovich    03/20/18  (3)
Wait so what is trump going to do now that he's out of money    03/20/18  (17)
Never wanting to get out of bed, sleeping 10-12 hrs, lost inspiration: depress?    03/20/18  (5)
I wish I could date trans girls openly.    03/20/18  (68)
it's fascinating how many women will 'wave'/smile at you if you wave at them    03/20/18  (7)
Facebook Forces NYT To Remove Unflattering Reference To Sheryl Sandberg's IBS    03/20/18  (11)
real talk: GC has been an uninflated 180 for mankind    03/20/18  (1)
Amazing how humans still haven't evolved past chucking shit out the window    03/20/18  (13)
Raw cock up my ass! Raw-cock up-m'ass! Rock'p m'uss! Rockapotamus!    03/20/18  (104)
taking q's about personal finance, crypto (exeunt)    03/20/18  (104)
Is Trump going to get richer from this whole thing?    03/20/18  (7)
The Truth Hurts at Penn Law [National Review]    03/20/18  (55)
Shitlib Obama-Loving Draft Dodger Criticizes FoxNews (link)    03/20/18  (4)
Serious Question: How Is Trump going to fix the Govt Bureaucracy?    03/20/18  (31)
Libtertarianism really died out in the US, didn't it?    03/20/18  (88)
I name a cuisine, you tell me the best region of the country to find it    03/20/18  (128)
There is a huge underworld consisting of lawyers fucking each other for sushi    03/20/18  (4)
Robots/AI taking all the jobs+ genetic underclass = 180 combo    03/20/18  (3)
Where is Trump going to get the final 10 votes?    03/20/18  (7)
Media claims polygraphs are 99% accurate.    03/20/18  (9)
What makes MFH so much better than SF?    03/20/18  (34)
Saw Bladerunner 2049 over weekend. Legitimately one of years best films.    03/20/18  (53)
The Ignoble Lie -- a long read, but worth it. Destroys the core of shitlibery.    03/20/18  (20)
Ex gf his adderall in her pussy and lost 20 iq points when her brain overheated.    03/20/18  (3)
This Apprentice shrew's story abt Trumps rapey behavior is almost certainly true    03/20/18  (2)
*beep beep* I'm a shitlib robot looking for shitlibs    03/20/18  (2)
crazy pills all 2016 libs lectured us about respecting election result    03/20/18  (11)
California GOP bros: be sure to vote in primaries to troll libs.    03/20/18  (1)
but srsly, 'catcalling' women is actually hilarious    03/20/18  (2)
Just put an egg roll in my ass and farted duck sauce.    03/20/18  (1)
NIUTropes back after a long while taking Qs from medium security cell    03/20/18  (1)
Women's ACTIVISM ... omg I HATE Becky from PR    03/20/18  (1)
Describe Topeka at 27k    03/20/18  (18)
I need everyone in this club to poast ITT. Are you FOR me or AGAINST me?    03/20/18  (8)
AEI Analysis: Index Funds Beat 95% Of Active Money Managers Over 15 Year Period    03/20/18  (24)
punitively longreads.org    03/20/18  (1)
Dorky white guy picking up an Asian Girl right in front of me    03/20/18  (41)
Uptalking lib male telling black butcher "Thanks brotha" at grocery store    03/20/18  (4)
At what $ amount would money $tart lo$ing value and utility for you?    03/20/18  (1)
Peterman dancing around his studio to "Ms New Booty"    03/20/18  (6)
Chaebitz Honech DBG posts obsessively ab Israel every day but won't serve in IDF    03/20/18  (7)
Lol at giving in real info online and letting fraud$ make trillion$ off you    03/20/18  (1)
orbit - medicine.mp3    03/20/18  (1)
Im Asian and my sister is dating a white dork. I hate her.    03/20/18  (33)
someone talk me out of buying this    03/20/18  (5)
School resource officer stops Maryland school shooting. Libs irate.    03/20/18  (19)
504 Boyz - Wobble Wobble.mp3    03/20/18  (14)
Poast a pic of a perfect ass.    03/20/18  (30)
NE bros and DC bros: how are you holding up with pending FOOT of snow    03/20/18  (10)
this is for the 1s who wobbled it and be puttin they mouth on it    03/20/18  (2)
'you are beyond gay'    03/20/18  (5)
gay space niggers    03/20/18  (1)
did she really throw a million dollar bottle of champagne through a 150 inch TV?    03/20/18  (47)
Poll: is lawman8 autistic?    03/20/18  (56)
Shkreli was prosecuted for knavery    03/20/18  (1)
Will be in SoCal for Memorial weekend.    03/20/18  (3)
Bump this thread 1,488 times and I'll share my cock pic.    03/20/18  (29)
Javitz green room carpet still damp with champagne & covered w/ LCD shards    03/20/18  (1)
pulled up next to girl, rolled down window, asked if i could 'bite' her ass    03/20/18  (3)
just bloodacre hanging out with some bros (pic)    03/20/18  (6)
201lb blue-haired chick blogging about sharklasers' failure to eat her out    03/20/18  (20)
ragnus taking questions (2018 version)    03/20/18  (11)
Fake tanned, overly bronzed brunettes with thick framed glasses in a dress    03/20/18  (3)
doing things is usually boring    03/20/18  (4)
Why are people freaking about this latest Noreaster?    03/20/18  (3)
not a politics expert-- is spending $1billion for 227 EVs good    03/20/18  (6)
Without checking google. If someone gouges out your eye. Will it grow back?    03/20/18  (7)
hillary hid in hotel room while getting blown out by 77 EVs?    03/20/18  (3)
Rate this RANT against Brooklyn gentrification    03/20/18  (19)
Jordan Peterson tweets FUCK YOU to "Pankaj Mishra, that sanctimonious prick"    03/20/18  (33)
Latham Chairman Steps Down After Disclosing "Communications of a Sexual Nature"    03/20/18  (11)
non ethmos who only buy index funds    03/20/18  (29)
DBG doesn't get enough shit for wifing a girl who spread her legs for turdcock    03/20/18  (16)
ate avocado toast & chobani yogurt today. also used anti-aging cream. lmao @ me    03/20/18  (1)
golf teens    03/20/18  (3)
"Had a Great call with Putin today, and will soon announce biggest Merger ever!"    03/20/18  (7)
Jews: ritually turn down conversion 3 times. Asians: GLORP GLORP GLORP    03/20/18  (7)
Could QT get away with Dead Nigger Storage scene in Pulp Fiction today    03/20/18  (2)
Electoral College reality check for Trumptards    03/20/18  (37)
Trump getting brutally murdered over his attack on Muslim mom Ghazala Khan    03/20/18  (70)
Millennials, what is your Pulp Fiction? Cuz all I see are shit comic book movies    03/20/18  (8)
rate this map in which countries flash every time a baby is born    03/20/18  (2)
Imagine if 10 turdskins saw THIS in real life: (PIC)    03/20/18  (3)
Conservaheroes in small CA town opt out of sanctuary laws    03/20/18  (6)
Chick-fil-A shrew: MY pleasure    03/20/18  (5)
want to get benzedrine for wife--would be 180 to have her run around cleanin    03/20/18  (2)
Need to borrow a stool and rope for a night    03/20/18  (2)
here's the thing    03/20/18  (3)
So, what did Cambridge Analytica actually do?    03/20/18  (97)
Luis hittin dat high falsetto "i cant feel my face when im with u"    03/20/18  (11)
Black co-workers are comically huge (evan39)    03/20/18  (1)
Did Mueller indict the guy who hacked into John Podestas email?    03/20/18  (3)
Liberal tries to throw Molotov cocktail at Russian parliament. Ends badly....    03/20/18  (4)
plaintiff's side employee law    03/20/18  (8)
TRUMP just called Maxine Waters a "low IQ individual"    03/20/18  (1)
"Oh, now you want me to cut you slack?" taunts lawman8 to a dying sqmo    03/20/18  (17)
Life is such absolute worthless fucking shit its almost unbelievable    03/20/18  (1)
Federal judge asks to "GET SCIENCED."    03/20/18  (25)
Watching Red Wings game. Seats more than 50% empty WTF?    03/20/18  (3)
Broward country deputy assigned to school WAS SLEEPING IN HIS PATROL CAR    03/20/18  (1)
Pretty alpha that DBG ignored th miles of turd cock PDDJ took & put a ring on it    03/20/18  (10)
Most important WI poll (Marquette Law School): Cruz +10 -- not flame, bros    03/20/18  (10)
Can someone not histrionic explain cogently how Trump fucked up so bad recently    03/20/18  (25)
Did some yard work with thorns/berry bushes; arms look like a cat shredded them    03/20/18  (1)
READY | TO | DIE    03/20/18  (1)
ELECTION EVE POLL: who will (did) you vote for?    03/20/18  (82)
Zuck and Sanberg go on the lam    03/20/18  (6)
They were supposed to hire civil engineers, but they got NASTY engineers    03/20/18  (19)
Just said "prolly" in real life. How to cure this liberal illness fastly?    03/20/18  (1)
arghhh cant believe libs did that friggin hate those guys lol grrr    03/20/18  (16)
panhandlers have gotten unbelievably brazen, coming INTO stores now    03/20/18  (15)
dozens of countries each gave Clinton $25mil in 2016-- "US" media silent    03/20/18  (19)

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